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found wandering the streets

when the fae wind up on live journal...

15 June 1982
Bentley Little
1980s, abandoned asylums, abney park, alice in wonderland, alien sex fiend, alternate histories, alternate sexuality, anais nin, androgeny, angela carter, art punks, audra, bastard fairies, bauhaus, beat poetry, bella morte, bob dylan, caitlín r. kiernan, cats, cemetaries, chaos magic, children's stories, church of the subgenius, clive barker, coffee, cradle of filth, cruxshadows, cthulhu, dario argento, dark humor, david j. schow, david lynch, deathrock, decadents, deevolution, devil's rejects, devo, die form, direct to dvd horror, dolls, dresden dolls, edward gorey, edward lee, ego likeness, egyptology, elves, faeries, fairy tales, film noir, folktales, freckles, freddy krueger, front line assembly, geeky girls, ghost stories, gothic archies, gothic music, gothic novels, grand guignol, gravestone rubbings, h.p lovecraft, h.r giger, horace walpole, horror movies, house of 1000 corpses, house of leaves, industrial culture, jason vorhees, jill tracy, kana, ken russel, laurel k hamilton, lemony snicket, little fears, louisiana, lucio fulci, luxt, malice mizer, mark z danielewski, masters of horror, mephisto waltz, michael myers, ministry, misanthropy, mythology, neil gaiman, new orleans, nightmare haunted house, old houses, old school punk, oscar wilde, pale girls, past lives, petite girls, pirates, plantation homes, polyamory, poppy z brite, posthumanism, punch and judy, puppets, rasputina, red hair, repo! the genetic opera, rob zombie, silence becomes you, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, snakes, snakes on a plane., southern gothic, space pirates, spirit photography, splatterpunk, steampunk, storm constintine, style over substance, surrealism, takashi miike, tale of two sisters, tea, the gathering, the house of shock, the marquis desade, the misfits, the three mothers films, throbbing gristle, tobe hooper, tom waits, tomie, tori amos, transexuality, transhumanism, uzumaki, vamp, vampires, victorian fashion, victorian photography, video games, virginia woolf, voltaire, waifs, werewolves, writing, xenu, zombies