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Flying on by?

I remain, in shadows growing wings. [22 Jul 2010|11:56am]

Flying on by?

[07 Jul 2010|08:55am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

People really need to not steal my work!

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Question for car people. [25 May 2010|01:23pm]
[ mood | confused ]

If a car's engine is destroyed, what would it do when you turned the key? Would it make a noise? Just sit there?


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[08 May 2010|12:34pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Last night's show was OUTSTANDING.

The first band up was a local band called Nadjia. They were a pretty good gothic/metal/industrial/thing/ band that I enjoyed quite a bit. They also did a really cool surfy song about my favorite character from William Gibson's Neuromancer!

Next up was Voltaire, who as always, was very amusing. He played all the standards (except When You're Evil, which I think he ran out of time for) as well as three songs off his upcoming country album (no, really) that were quite good.

The last band up were the headliners, Faith and the Muse. I've been a casual fan of this band for many years, but I think last night made me a serious fan. The mix of theatrics, celtic/arabian music and punk rock really worked together to give us a solid show that was as fun to watch as it was to listen to.

All in all a great night.

Flying on by?

[05 May 2010|02:14pm]
[ mood | scared ]

I just managed to creep myself out while working on my novel. I take that as a good sign.

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[03 May 2010|02:37pm]
The novel has a title now.


1 Dropped feather Flying on by?

[29 Apr 2010|03:02pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

L and I turn seven today. Seven wonderful years.

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Lets start an illusion with hand and pen. [27 Apr 2010|11:23am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I have 2,985 words on my novel, which is about 15% of what I need. I'm shocked at how fast this is going.

Flying on by?

Lets start a revolution, with hand and pen. [20 Apr 2010|04:35pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Word count is up to 2024 words, which is about 6% complete. That's not bad for a week of work. I also have a pretty good idea where the novel is going and what its going to do, so that will help immensely.

Cyberpunk 2020 tonight.

Flying on by?

[19 Apr 2010|05:55pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I decided to pull a novel out and start working on it seriously. I've done 1400 words so far and I really like. I think this is going to be my first attempt at publishing a novel, if I can pull it off. This is the one that I shelved a while back because I wanted my first novel to have a supernatural feel to it. It now has one.

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[15 Apr 2010|05:03pm]
I just sent a story to a paying market for the first time. I'm pretty nervous. I know I'm good enough, and I HAVE been published three times, but when you get to the point where you're asking people to actually pay you, the nervousness kicks in.

Flying on by?

[15 Apr 2010|11:08am]
RIP Peter Steele.

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Author Envy [01 Apr 2010|07:59pm]
[ mood | envious ]

I wish I could write something as eerie,weird and overall messed up as Joe Hill's "My Father's Mask." That was one of the best short stories I've ever read.

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[11 Mar 2010|01:33pm]
Oh yeah, in all the Werewolf:the Apocalypsey goodness that I just posted I forgot to mention that due to the stupidity of Kelly Services, I'm unemployed again...

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When will you rage? [11 Mar 2010|01:27pm]
[ mood | amused ]

This always makes me giggle. (Warning:contains metal!)


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[18 Feb 2010|02:03pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Just saying that I'm alive, and hopefully my computer, which is currently formatting C is also alive...

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Wolfman [10 Feb 2010|11:13am]
[ mood | mellow ]

Last night, L and I went to a preview of the remake of Wolfman. It was neither good nor bad, just sort of blah. Nothing about it really upset me, but at the same time, I had an overall feeling of blah the entire time. On a five star rating system, it was very much a three.

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*Snort* [08 Feb 2010|05:59pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Q. How many Dadaists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A. To get to the other side.

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this sucks, I just found out. [28 Jan 2010|06:23pm]
R.I.P Zelda Rubinstien May 28, 1933-January 27, 2010

You totally OWNED every movie you were in.

Flying on by?

haha. [27 Jan 2010|07:36pm]
[ mood | amused ]


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